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  1. With how many hours in advance I must be at the airport for my documentation? With 2 hours of anticipation
  2. How many baggage can I carry without cost? 1 suitcase of 25Kg to documentation
    1 carry-on bag of 10Kg
    1 personal article: laptop, photographic camera, personal bag, video camera
  3. If I carry sports equipment to document, can I count on baggage allowance? Yes, indeed if you don't carry suitcase or luggage you can document your sport equipment without cost.
  4. I’m traveling with my baby and would like to know if I have to pay full ticket or no? Children under 2 years of age fly for free, but their are not allowed to occupy ther own seat, children over 2 years of age must pay full adult fare, having the same luggage allowances
  5. I travel with a baby around 2 years, do i have the rigth to document a suitcase to my name and another in my baby's name? No, because children under 2 years don't pay a fee, therfore aren't entitled to 25kg baggage.
    You can bring free of charge baby items as: diaper bag, stroller, moses, etc.
  6. Can I travel with an animal of emocional support?
    Yes, all you have to do is meet the following requirements:
    • The service animal must be vaccinated, clean and equipped with a harness
    • The passenger must present the medical certificate in stationery paper issued by his doctor or health profesional, where he indicates that the passenger requires to carry this type of animal for its specific tratament, with validity of expedition not longer that one year from the date of fligth.
    • The service animal must be trained and the person with disability must have been instructed in the care and management of the dog.
    • Any disorder or damage to third parties or flight equipment shall be covered by the passanger.
    • The company will not be responsable foy any eventuality that may result from the trasportation of the dog.
    • The service animal could travel with or without cage, as long as that cage complies with the requirements established to travel in cabin or as document baggage.
  7. Can I transport my pet in the cabin? Yes whether they are cats or dogs of small breeds like: maltese, dachshund(weenie dog), chihuahua, etc, that satisfy TAR requirements for their transportation in cabin. See the animal trasportation section.
  8. What kind of cage should I use to be able to transport my pet in the cabin?
    Can be a KENNEL or SHERPA that meet the following characteristics:
    • Pets will be transported in the passengers cabin in a KENNEL or SHERPA.
    • Kennels must be made of rigid plastic, the door must be made of metal mesh with locks that block it to close or open, it must have lateral ventilation on both sides, it must not have wheels and count on its inner base with absorbent material.
    • SHERPA must be of padded nylon, waterproof with high strength seam, must have ventilation mesh on two or more sides, 100% funtional locking blocks and floor made with absorbent material.
    • Both cages must have enougth space for the pet standing can turn, can lie naturally, can stand and sit up right.
    • the KENNEL or SHERPA must enter completely under the seat in front of the passenger
    • The maximum dimensions that pet cages must have for passenger cabin transport are:
      19X12X10 (IN)
      40X30X25 (CM)
      10 Kg
  9. What kind of cage should I use to be able to transport my pet in the cargo compartment?
    Should be transported only in a KENNEL, that must count with the following characteristics:
    • The outside of the container must be fiberglass or hard plastic only. If the container has wheels, you must removed them. If the wheels are retractible, you must block with adhesive tape.
    • It must have external handles that allow its handling to prevent any direct contact with the animal.
    • The door must include a central locking system to close simultaneously the 2 closing points located at the top and bottom of the door (a) the door hinges must exceed the horizontal edge located at the top and bottom of the door at least 1,6 cm(b)
    • The 2 parts of the container must be fitted with bolts or plastic headpieces. The other side systems are strictly prohibited(c)
    • The bottom of the container should be covered with a blanket, newspaper or any other absorbent material. It's forbidden to use straw.
    • It must be clean and manufactured with the sole purpose to serving as an animal container. Passenger-made cages such a wood and wire mesh are not allowed
    • The animal must be able to stay on foot, with the head high, without touching the superior part of the container. Besides, it must be able to turn round easily and lay down comfortably
    • The animal must not be tight with a leash or carrying any muzzle. These accessories must not be left on the container either
    • The animal shouldn't show sings of physical fatigue or be hurt or under tranquilizers
    • Moreover, we recommend you to place at least 1 basin in the container. The basin must be empty, fixed to the container and to be accessible without opening the container
    • ERJ-145
      38X32X30 (IN)
      95X80X75 (CM)
      20 Kg
  10. Is it posibble can i travel if i’m sick? To travel you must have a medical certificate, which should be a written statement issued by your doctor, indicating that you can complete your trip without requiring medical assistance.
    The certificate must be issued a maximum of 5 days in advance and must constain a brief explanation of the condition.
  11. In which cases is it necessary to present a medical certificate in order to travel?
    • If you have a temporary, permanent or chronical illness or disability
    • In case you have a contagious desease
    • If you necesarily need a companion for your assistance
  12. Can I bring my wheelchair with me? You can document your wheelchair without any cost directly on checkin counter or you can take it to the plane's door and our personal will document it for you
  13. I'm traveling with an electric wheelchair, does it have an extra cost of transportation? You can transport you electric wheelchair without cost. We only accept those that have non-spillable batteries.
    You can document directly on check in counter or in the plane's door, as you require.
  14. What is the assistance for passengers with especial needs? Our staff is in charge of assiting the passangers that require it without cost, basically they are supported during their documentation, in the last waiting rooms, during the fligth, and in the luggage bands.
  15. Can I travel if I’m pregnant? It is very important to consider your gestation stage.
    If the gestation period is over 7 months, you shouldn't travel, unless the trip is strictly nesessary. In any case, you must subscribe a document endorsed with a medical certification about you ability to make the trip exposing your health or that of the baby, whit this document you delimited the responsability of the compañy to any eventuality that arises of your state during the flight. This document must be issued with a maximum of 3 days in advance and its validity will have to cover the duration of the trip.
  16. In which cases can I request an additional seat? When you want to transport a piece of luggage in a cabin, how musical instruments.
    To carry more than two pieces of luggage.
    Passengers who overweigth physical condition wish to make a trip and cannot do in a standard size seat.
  17. If I pay an additional seat, can I transport something on the seat and additionally use the franchise rights in the checked and carry-on baggage? You can transport one suitcase, an musical instrument or any objetc that not execed the 75 kg and 200cm in it's total external dimensions, however you have to consider that this should be able to be placed inside the seat assigned with the seatbelt fastened.
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