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I Am the Mother of the baby Who Cried During the Flight

Some tips for traveling with small kids

Patty Becerril.

Flying with small children is quite common these days. On the one hand, there are increasingly more, and more affordable, routes to travel, and, on the other hand, the number of multitasking moms that balance maternity and work who often have to travel with their baby has increased over time.


The first time I traveled with my little girl, she was two months old; they are the bets travelers when they´re this young. Keep in mind that the mother-baby connection is very strong and if you are nervous, your child will feel it, so it´s best to be calm. Her second trip was at ten months. This time I was worried that she would not sit still during the flight because she already could crawl, but with a good supply of compact, not noisy didactic toys, I managed to keep her entertained.


It´s important to know the personality of our children and provide them with the greatest possible comfort when traveling. However, many factors that can annoy them-weather, time fatigue, the clogged ears when flying-don´t depend on us, and all we can do is to have a lot of patience and wait to arrive at our destination.

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