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La Escondida Waterfall

You can´t miss the Green of the Woods, the singing of exotic birds and crystal clear waterfalls in this colorful village

Roxana Suárez

In this place, the patronal feast is very famous. Known by the Xiqueños as “La Xiqueñada,” which is heid in July and where everyone enjoys a three-day celebration welcoming tourist in their homes, giving them food and drinks of the region (mole, torito, morita and verde); delicious delicacies that you have to try.


In the very traditional “xiqueñada,” the main street gets filled with tourist and locals, celebrating with tocotines, music pyrotechnic bulls and icing on the cake, where extreme sports are present: chasing actual bulls down the street; of curse, always respecting these impressive animals.


The La Escondida waterfall is a place that´s accessible to people of any age. The route is beautiful and the colors keep reminding you that you are in a forest; however, the humidity reaffirms that the place that one is exploring is Veracruz.


Living the experience of walking in wonderful places of Mexico is something that everyone who was born in this country must do. This time, I recommended doing it at the La Escondida waterfall in Xico, Veracruz.

If you want to know more about what Veracruz offers, look for the full text in Star News , our magazine on board.

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