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Lagoon of Manialtepec

A surreal journey

Por: Flor Velázquez,

Imagine being able to swim in the middle of a lagoon with bright flashes, where the only thing that surrounds you is the dark night, the starry sky and the sparkling water.

This image, which seems to be taken from a fairy tale, can be realized in our Mexico. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, is the ideal destination for nature lovers who want to live an unforgettable adventure.

The lagoon of Manialtepec, name that in Nahuatl means "place of lizards", is the perfect scenario to make the journey in which colors and sounds come together to create a great natural spectacle.

To learn more about what awaits you on this magnificent journey, look for the full text in Star News, our magazine on board. Star News , our magazine on board.

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