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Oaxaca and the Pirates

Daring people were the explorers who sailed little-known oceans; for many of them, the life of a buccaneer was their motivation.

Por: Pascal Beltrán del Río,

In November 1577, Francis Drake sailed from England aboard five ships, with a crew of 164 sailors. Among them were his brothers John and Andrew.

The pirate had told his men that the purpose of the trip was to carry out “a commercial expedition to the Nile River. “ When the ships reached the African coast the found out the truth: the mission consisted in affecting the Spanish navigation in the Pacific and attacking their settlements in California.


On April 15 of that year, the pirates touched the coast of New Spain. They disembarked in the small Bay of Santa Cruz and looted and burned Huatulco. Seeking fresh water supplies. Andrew Drake went on to the west, bordering the coast of what today is the state of Oaxaca.


To find out how this story ends, read the entire column in Star News during your next trip from Querétaro to Huatulco or Puerto Escondido.

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